About Wikle

Wikle is a Wikipedia traversal game where you race to get from page A to page B in an embedded Wikipedia view as fast and in as few moves as possible.

Visit the subreddit at r/wikle to join the community of Wiklers.

No obscure pages

Many of the existing games out there directly hit the Wikipedia api to retrieve the from/to pages. This approach suffers from the fact that most pages on Wikipedia are quite obscure and the Wikipedia api doesn't offer a filter based on obscurity.

Wikle curates a specific list of Wikipedia pages to minimize the obscurity and with ~2,000,000 game combinations, you're unlikely to have repeating games.

Daily community challenges

Wikle offers a spoiler-free daily community challenge similar to Wordle. Daily challenges start and end at midnight GMT where a from and to word are selected from our curated list.

The challenge leaderboard is viewable only after completion of the daily challenge.

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